Training Rooms

There are many instances when you may need a training room outside of your conventional office. If you’re looking to hire a training room, Vintage Tower offer a selection of options, ideally located in the heart of Fairlands.

Many businesses need training rooms to upskill staff members or train new employees. While some training can take place in a company’s existing office premises, there are many occasions when training needs to take place elsewhere.

If a company doesn’t have large training facilities or boardrooms of their own, they may hire external training rooms. A company may even have the space to train staff but may find that their current offices are not properly equipped for training, leading them to look elsewhere.

Sometimes, holding training sessions in a new and different location can help to spark creativity and engage employees more strongly. There are fewer distractions outside of the  workplace, and you won’t find staff disappearing to handle a query or quickly return to their desk if you hold training off-site.

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Businesses that have central head offices but employ people in many different areas of the country often need external facilities to help them train staff in different cities.

Training Menu

When you arrange a function at Vintage Tower rest assured that your meal will be beautifully prepared and presented. The professional kitchens at Vintage Tower, managed by our own resident chef, are skilled at preparing delicious food to match both your taste, the size of your function and your particular budget.

Our extensive menus are interchangeable to accommodate your personal requirements. Vintage Tower’s food is made with only the freshest and finest of ingredients, allowing us to customize your menu, while keeping up to date with the latest trends. While you have your photographs taken, we serve a selection of pre-drinks with mouth-watering canapes. Menu tastings can be scheduled for you to discuss your selection with our chef, thereby ensuring that your final choice of menu contributes to an elegant function. Should an outside caterer be used for specialized dietary requirements such as Kosher or Halaal catering for the entire function, a surcharge will apply.

Training Facilities

Finding a training room or seminar space with the right layout and location makes all the difference in your learning experience. Whether you need a more conventional classroom setup with front-facing stations or a collaborative configuration that promotes dialogue and brainstorming, you shall have it. Reserve large or small training room facilities online so you have the space you need in Fairlands, with amenities like well-placed furniture, high-speed Internet and presentation equipment.

Vintage Tower also offers a range of presentation rooms for rent for educational sessions that require a larger projector or a more formal vibe. Welcome your team or attendees to a comfortable, centrally located and cost-efficient space.